Personnel certification

PSI “Sertifikācija” is one of the first institutions in Latvia that launched an independent staff conformity assessment and successfully does it already 15 years.

PSI “Sertifikācija” carries out staff conformity assessment in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 17024:2012. PSI “Sertifikācija” is accredited in Latvian National Accreditation Bureau. Our Certificates of Competence are recognized in both Latvian and international labour market.

Competency requirements to specialists are defined in Personnel conformity assessment schemes developed by scheme committees. To develop well-grounded competency requirements, scheme committees are made involving all interested parties – specialists of the industry to be certified, faculty, representatives of employers and employees.  

For staff conformity assessment an independent exam is held, examined by experienced industry experts. We make sure that examination and certification procedure is objective and confidentiality of personal data is respected.

We carry out staff conformity assessment in the fields as follows:

  • Quality system manager
  • Environmental Management System manager
  • Quality and/or environmental auditor
  • Laboratory Quality System manager
  • Food Safety Management System manager
  • Environmental field sampling specialist
  • Environmental pollution express testing specialist

Līga Paņko

Head of "PSI Sertifikācija"