Computer modelling of evacuation escape routes

We offer computer modelling of evacuation routes for different buildings and rooms.

We can develop computer model, which chooses the shortest evacuation routs and estimates the flow rate through the planned exits. The modelling calculates time spent for evacuation and identifies areas, which reduce the potential to escape. Further this information is used to determine necessary measures for improving the effectiveness of evacuation, for instance, by diverting some of the people to other escape routes or providing additional escape routes in the buildings etc.

This method is the most suitable, when assessing and planning emergency evacuation options in public buildings, supermarkets, multi-storey apartment buildings or public events. For certain, this model can be developed for any office and institution, whereas it helps to prepare evacuation plans for the particular object.

The results of the modelling can be visualized in 3D format, thus allowing to assess probable evacuation process visually and to use it in training of employees working in the object or rescue services involved in evacuation.