Industrial Risk Assessment

Our experience and accumulated knowledge provides us oportunity to perform any kind of industrial risk assessment in accordance with requirements of national supervisory authorities, the Law or company’s internal regulations, in accordance with internationally accepted risk assessment principles and methods.

Risk assessment is a significant first step in every risk management process and one of the key elements in developing company’s risk strategy. Industrial risk assessment is performed, when:

  • starting and expanding business activities which may lead to industrial risk;
  • identifying existing operational risks;
  • planning measures to reduce risk and increase security level of the object;
  • planning to develop territory;
  • developing emergency action plan;
  • demonstrating attitude towards safe operation of the company to the public, partners, customers, national supervisory authorities, and other interested parties.

Industrial risk assessment must be carried out in cases of high-risk objects, the operation of which is regulated by the Seveso III directive and Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers No. 131 in Latvia.

Industrial risk comprises two components:

  •  likelihood of the event (emergency);
  •  possible consequences of the occurrence of such an event.

In industrial risk assessment both components are assessed by analysis of both the development of events prior the occurrence of the undesired event and prevalence of effect, caused by consequences. Only common assessment of both components characterizes risks caused by the equipment, operation, process or the whole object.