Fire risk assessment

Our company offers building’s or unit’s fire risk assessment under the laws and regulations.

The fire risk assessment is carried out as a complex fire safety situation assessment in the unit. The fire safety assessment is carried out in two stages:

  • The first stage is an assessment of building’s or unit’s maintenance compliance with fire safety regulations. The unit is inspected and its compliance with laws and regulations is assessed and potential risk sources are identified.
  • The second stage is a detailed fire risk assessment.

The fire risk assessment can be carried out using various methods, thus the method is chosen considering the specifics of the assessed facility and, if necessary, it is adjusted to the particular situation.

For more complicated or specific tasks we offer fire risk computer modelling, that allows to determine the overall level of fire risk in the unit and to model fire spread in the building. Fire spread model can be combined with people evacuation model, thus determining the real chances for people to rescue themselves in case of fire in the building.