ATEX and explosive atmospheres

We offer explosive environment risk assessment (ATEX) in your company.

Explosive environment risk assessment and documentation is prepared in accordance with ATEX directive and Latvian legislation requirements regarding explosive environmental risk assessment. 

Latvian legislation provides that in case of explosive environment the company should:

  • Carry out explosion risk assessment and classification of workplace safety areas, based on the frequency of occurrence and duration of explosive environment;
  • Set requirements for protective equipment and choice and use of protection systems depending on the explosive zone.

In order to meet the requirements of laws and regulations regarding explosive environments, we offer to develop “Document on protection against explosive environmental risk”, which includes assessment of the following issues:

  • Classification of explosive environment areas, using visual aids;
  • Description of explosive environment risk sources;
  • Organizational measures to prevent explosions;
  • Technical and organizational measures for prevention or mitigation of explosive atmosphere risk;
  • Use of the equipment depending on work place classification area;
  • Work place conformity assessment;
  • Action plan for risk reduction.