Personnel training

PSI “Mācību centrs” is an educational establishment, registered in State service of education quality (Certificate No. 4360800242), which provides vocational continuing education and vocational in-service training. Substantial training programs last 160 hours, they are licenced and PSI “Mācību centrs” is accredited to lecture on them. Participants receive a certificate on vocational in-service training registered in Ministry of Education and Science, which is nationally recognized educational document. Shorter courses are licenced in Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department.

We offer programs for both public and corporative career development programs and vocational training as well as seminars. When organizing training programs at request of companies and organizations, programs are tailored with an emphasis on the prior issues of the particular customer.

Knowledge acquired in public training courses provides opportunity to develop personal contact with professionals, persons who share your views, learn from the experience and knowledge of others. Whereas corporative training courses provides deeper understanding of the issue being the topic of interest to a certain target group.

All PSI “Mācību centrs” lecturers are professionals and active consultants in their field, thus they   are fully competent in theoretical and practical nuances. It enables us to continuously improve training programs according to the latest requirements and trends of the industry.

Our main training asset is balanced use of theory and practical examples.

We are happy if our cooperation continues also after the studies. 

Elita Freija

Head of "PSI Mācību centrs"