About Us

The main business activities of the companies, integrated under brand psi, are consultations on management systems, personnel training, personnel competency evaluationand and personnel certification. Practically, in Latvia, we are the pioneers of industry in every psi’s field of activity, which encouraged us to change the traditional business management model, gave chance to acquire and apply the knowledge and experience of the developed Western countries and helped to apply it. We have been operating for almost twenty years, and we are still continuing successful development.

In each field of our professional activities we can provide you assistance, starting with apprehension of issues significant to the sphere and ending with detailed assessment of operational efficiency.

Our concept of relationship with customers anticipates professional service with high added value. Professionalism means that we are not trying to impose on everybody everything we are capable of, but we offer what is really needed and works.

We are aware that this is dynamic age, therefore we are constantly keeping up with the latest industry developments and continually improving our proficiency. In cooperation with psi, you will have the latest world knowledge and extensive experience at your disposal.